Sern Ball Valves is part of Cosynde Group along with Roforge.

Roforge is a long time established and well known french manufacturer of tailor made and reliable gate, globe, check and piston valves but also stainers and sight flow indicators. Roforge fully manufactures its products under differents brands.


Cosynde is a company founded, owned and managed by Rémi Toledano which has the ambition to be a significant player  in the french valves industry: Roforge, Ronfard, Mavinox.

Through Cosynde, Rémi TOLEDANO wishes to create a group of engineered valves companies, involved in all market segments, covering Oil and Gas, Energy, chemical and power generation applications.

Cosynde forecast to promote and sell excellent products and services worldwide. To reach this step, Cosynde implements ambitious strategy where the overall way of working in terms of innovation, processes, production, marketing and services is adapted to comply with modern, complex and fast moving environnement.


Providing globally a large range of engineered valves solution for all industrial applications, designed and manufactured in France. We aims to lead the market in term of product performance and on time delivery.


Acting to deliver tailor made and high performance products and services to most challenging applications with mastered deadlines while never compromising with safety.


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